Animation and art direction (2019)

A stop motion animation about a girl who is shaving her legs (like she ought to according to our patriarchal society) when she encounters a curious phenomena. The video shows an alternative to the dominant male narrative by presenting an invented world as truth. A world inspired by the lunar age, worshipping of the feminine and the great mother, where a wholeness of being between the one and the cosmos can be found. The great mother, mother earth, was not only symbol for life, but death too and she could be found everywhere in everything and everyone. Can a fictional matriachal fantasy world change our views and possible future towards our very real patriachal one?

It is part of a bigger story of women trying to take control over their own narratives. The important thing is to make people think about these topics. The more it becomes a daily subject people talk about the more control we, women, can take over own storyline. As Donna Hardaway puts it: How to make the weak stories stronger, and the strong stories weaker?

Music and Sound design Rijk Kruijer

2021 - Wobby TV
2020 - Pop up Cinema, Tilburg
2019 - MACA, Museumnacht Amsterdam
2019 - Talent Talks x Wobby Club, Tilburg
2019 - Pluk de Nacht, Amsterdam
2019 - Pluk de Nacht, Utrecht
2019 - Graduation Festival Koninklijke Academie Beeldende Kunsten, Den Haag