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Title: Location: Date: Type: Link:
Teddy's Hit Amsterdam 25/09/2020 Music Video link
Lucy The Hague 13/06/2021 Video link
Green Eyes Arnhem 12/08/2018 Video link
Lunchtime The Hague 11/10/2019 Video link
Philia Amsterdam 09/02/2020 Painting link
De Verdwaalde Boswachter The Hague 06/05/2017 Book link
T-Shirts The Hague 22/09/2017 Shirts link
Sexy Sixties The Hague 18/05/2018 Book link
Monoprint The Hague 03/27/2017 Monoprints link
Moonlight Stories The Hague 03/03/2018 Book link
Love Dome Amsterdam 2020 Ceramic link
Little Red Riding Hood The Hague 25/05/2018 Video Game link
She Holds All Dimensions The Hague 10/10/2019 Tapestries link
So Good at Being in Trouble The Hague 25/05/2018 Paintings link