Pien Kars
Animation Illustration
Pien Kars is a Dutch artist, graduated from the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague with a BA in graphic design.
Currently working in the field of animation, her main interests circulate around femininity, mythology and sexuality.

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Title: Lucy
Animation: Pien Kars
Director: Pien Kars
Music: Rijk Kruijer
Art work: Pien Kars
Year: 2019
Viewings: Graduation Show KABK - July 2019
Pluk de Nacht - August 2019
MACA, Museumnacht Amsterdam - November 2019
Verhalen over het lichaam, Spui25 - November 2019

A stop motion animation about a girl who is shaving her legs (like she ought to according to our patriarchal society) when she encounters a curious phenomena. The video shows an alternative to the dominant male narrative by presenting an invented world as truth. A world inspired by the lunar age, worshipping of the feminine and the great mother, where a wholeness of being between the one and the cosmos can be found. Can a fictional matriachal fantasy world change our views and possible future towards our very real patriachal one?

Title: Green Eyes
Animation: Pien Kars + Mascha Halberstad
Director: Pien Kars + Mascha Halberstad
Art work: Pien Kars
Year: 2018

My first stop-motion animation made during my internship with Mascha Halberstad. A short story about a jealous adn frustrated girl, cooking up some vegetables, inspirid by Erykah Baduh's 'Green Eyes'

Title: The air smelled like roses
Tags: jkqwhrgbkjrehgb
Year: 2017